Friday, April 17, 2009

Going Over Bridges

Today I followed Felice in her car while she drove Geniece's down the east 202 to the 51 up to Dunlap Rd in northwest Phoenix. We left Geniece's car to be diagnosed at their stepmom Dawn's auto repair shop. Since I was driving Felice was the passanger on the way home. Oy vey, she forgot that there was a very large curving over pass bridge on the way back. I saw it to late. I was not able to pull over and change seats with her. In angst I began to get tense, to breath heavy and hum inaudibly. I quickly turned down the visor put my hand up just enough to cover my eyes to block out the view of the underpass so I could not see the space under it. Lucky I had Felice's Zune on and the ear buds in and no time to cry. On the way down off the bridge of course, Felice had to tell me that she and Geniece had been stuck at the top of that very brigde, in traffic on Easter Sunday. They were returning home from an Easter bar-b-que with their dad's family. Whew, am glad I was'n't there. I would have been a mess if I had. My fear is from long ago when watching the news after the 1978 earthquakes in California that pancaked the freeway bridges.

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