Saturday, April 25, 2009

Poem For Mom

Mary Alice
Upon mirrors of time many fears and tears
Reveal graceful silhouettes of maternal care
Among stacks of clothes dishes and chores
Routine budgeting sewing cooking and more
Overwhelming emotion stewardship of love
Prayers offered in earnest toward heaven above

Her precious offspring adore her quirks
Mimicking laughs and expressions
Crime in Italy jumpin' Jehoshaphat tar-nation
Glory be hallelujah he flew the coop
Consumption of chili fresh bread and milk
All recapture memories of mother dearly beloved

Composed Saturday, April 25, 2009
By: Tonya Jarvis (daughter)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Remembering Dad

Pictures on the wall in Mom Room at Burk and Rhoda's The top picture is of my family. Below is mom and dad. Under their picture is Burk's children Kristin, Jared, Kourtney, Jordon and Keri. The calendar is of Carrie's Family. Carrie, Marty, Rachel and Rachel.
I believe the frame hanging in the middle was made by grandpa George Josiah Jarvis when he was ill for a time. He was not only a whittler he also wrote poetry, beautiful love poem to his wife Mary Ellen (Lake). I believe the people in the picture are of his brothers and sister. I don't remember their names. The large frame has a collage of mom and dad's children and grand children's pictures.
Dad in Great-Grandpa George (Anne Prior) Jarvis' chair. It is sturdy and comfortable and we all love to sit and rock in it.
Mom and dad are cold in Mike's house at our family reunion in Yuma 2007. Dad had not been feeling well. Both were tired and ready to go home. They were good to stay so long and have fun with us.
Dad in door way of Rod's family room kitchen area. Phoenix, AZ) 2007.
Dad in Great-Grandpa George (Anne Prior) Jarvis' chair. It is sturdy and comfortable and we all love to sit and rock in it. Dad sitting at the table in their home in Yuma, AZ. On the wall is a picture of mom and dad taken about 1979. Dad always loved mom in the color red. Dad was always forever chilled after his first cancer treatment in 1994. He had prostate cancer.After radiation treatments he was always chilly. He had lots if sweater vests. It was one of his favorites to wear. Dad had Salivary gland cancer twice and Lymphoma B-Cell cancer. The treatments were hard on him but he always was cheerful and never let anyone know how much he really was in pain. He endured to the end. Mike recently received the death certificate for dad. It said that passed away from complications of prostate cancer. I miss you and Love You Dad!

Josephine (Rothlisberger) Jarvis Funeral pics

Families Are Together Forever.

First picture: Lewis Tenney (Mary Porter) and Gary Lineweaver (Fatha Kay Jarvis).

Second picture: Fred Jarvis, his daughter Sheryl (Jarvis) Pedigo and her family then Tim Jarvis (in fore-ground), Fred's brother (Josephine and Andrew Jarvis son's) .
Third picture: Juanita, Nelda (Newt and Louise (Rothlisberger) Neal's daughters). I'm not sure of the other cousins names.
Fourth picture: Nelda wrapped in the blanket. Tonya (me) the redhead in the background. I am not sure of the others names.
(Please forgive me for not remembering everyones names).
Fifth picture: Bernie, Tonya (me) and Lonnie. Both of them are Donnie and Folvia (Jarvis) Porter son's.

It was nice to visit again with loved ones we do not see often. Funerals always bring us together to remember our loved ones. It is a celebration of passing into eternal life and the hope of see them again.

Josephine (Rothlisberger) Jarvis Funeral pics II

Aunt Josephines funeral burial and grave dedication.
Sisters and Brothers Left to right:
Dad and Andrew's older sisters Annie (Jarvis) Osbourn, Neola (Jarvis) Scott, Mary and Tony Jarvis (My Mom and Dad) and Andrew Jarvis husband (Josephine is mom's sister).

Mom and dad Sleeping angels in Rod and Linda's bed when visiting in Phoenix for Aunt Josephines burial and grave dedication.

Random Pics of our silly family

Michelle Olsen. Mom friend and helper in Yuma. Such a special gal.
Me looking silly after helping Geniece make a herself into a Christmas gift forto wear for Halloween.
Geniece giving the funny face for the camera. She is cooling off from digging up grandma's rose bushes.
Dexter cooling off on the tile.
Felice just got to hot in a flash She just put an ice cold wrap on her neck. She was helping Geniece dig up the rose bushes. July 2008.

Mom at Mike's and Jeanine's home (August 2008) in
Felice and I are behind mom

Eternal Love

Mom and Dad, Anthony Ivins and Mary Alice (Rothlisberger) Jarvis's Wedding November 10, 1945. Mom and dad loved each other and were friends and companions for 63 years. They met when mom was in the hospital. Dad's brother Andrew (married mom's sister Josephine) thought a visit from dad would cheer up mom. They corrisponded by letters while dad was at Guadalcanal in WWII. Mom prayed real hard for his safety. They fell in love through those letters. Dad proposed by letter and mom accepted. From there union there are 3 sons and 2 daughters, 22 grandchildren and 41 great-grandchildren.

Families are like quilts lives pieced together

1. Plaque given to mom in 1996 that hung in both Heber, AZ and Yuma, AZ. homes.

2. Dad napping with Qurious in Yuma 2007. The black item under his pillow is the T.V. changer. On the wall behind is the lap quilt made by family member in 1992.

3. Felice modeling grandma Jarvis' wedding dress found in grandma's
cedar chest August 2008.

4. Dad smiling for the camera in his chair 2006. He had been released from the Yuma Regional Medical Center for pneumonia. While there he and mom were in the same room for a few days after she fell and fractured her 11th and 12th lumbar discs.

5. Dad and Sam (who looks like Burk's dog Snowball) standing in Dad's famous garden in Heber, AZ garden. This was in the early planting season of spring of 1998. Dad loved to share his harvest.

6. Happy fishermen. Rod (my brother), dad and his oldest brother Emer. The woke very early in the morning for good fishing! Uncle Emer and dad were best friends and brothers. This picture was taken in Emer's home in Snowflake, AZ. I'm not sure of the date. I believe it was 1963.

Another Blog at ---

I forgot that I made this blog and recently found it . I will post some stories and thoughts about mom and dad/grandpa and grandma Jarvis To see pictures of grandpa and post a message type in the blog search area TONYA AND GIRLS in all caps. I hope this will get around to have us share our thoughts and stories about grandpa and grandma.

Mary and Tony happy in Heber, AZ.

Friday, April 17, 2009


I loved the drive to White Mountain, Mogillon Rim and into Heber, Arizona and the whindy roads through those pines. The beautiful fresh pine tree filled air was energizing. I loved to come down the road around the last bend and see our parents town. Then before the next bend looking to the left seeing the road leading to the small Buckskin Canyon below to mom and dad's home nestled behind Roger and Laurie Owens House. Mom's lovely sweet pea vine flowers twisting around the wire fence next to the driveway was so inviting.

Seeing dad's big beautiful blooming vegetable garden was famous was always welcoming. The many rows of tall stalks of corn, pea and bean poles, the cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, squash, tomatoes, potatoes , beets, cucumbers, zucchini, lettuce, onions, carrots, parsnips etc. all growing big and strong with dad's love and care. I remember the fruit trees of crab apples, apricots, and cherries. The grapes and strawberries usually never made passed the back door to the table. The grandchildren assigned to pick them for dessert ate them on the way back to the kitchen and grandma expected that. Everything was so delicious for every wonderful home cooked meal. Everything mom made she would proudly tell us it was fresh from the garden. Dad lovingly and dutifully picked and plucked everyday.
Mom loved the garden especially her flower garden. But when canning time came it was a gigantic chore for her. Hour upon hour of canning and at the end so happy to have freshly canned food to share with her children. When we were there we always helped her.

I remember the trampoline the Owen's let Felice and Geniece jump on. Mary and Lewis Tenney had a trampoline the girls loved to jump on with their cousins when they were all so much younger. What wonderful memories.

Family Gets Together

A picnic at the Hole In The Rock Park in Phoenix in early fall of 2008. The weather was beautiful this day. Those that could come were Gary, Fatha, Carrie, Hannah and Rachel visiting from Nevada and Utah. Scott, Kim and Bryce were there along with Spencer and Sharon (pregnant at the time with Danielle) and kids Cale and Carly. Burk and Rhoda came too. Felice, Geniece and I were there also. We had a good time in good weather with good company.

Going Over Bridges

Today I followed Felice in her car while she drove Geniece's down the east 202 to the 51 up to Dunlap Rd in northwest Phoenix. We left Geniece's car to be diagnosed at their stepmom Dawn's auto repair shop. Since I was driving Felice was the passanger on the way home. Oy vey, she forgot that there was a very large curving over pass bridge on the way back. I saw it to late. I was not able to pull over and change seats with her. In angst I began to get tense, to breath heavy and hum inaudibly. I quickly turned down the visor put my hand up just enough to cover my eyes to block out the view of the underpass so I could not see the space under it. Lucky I had Felice's Zune on and the ear buds in and no time to cry. On the way down off the bridge of course, Felice had to tell me that she and Geniece had been stuck at the top of that very brigde, in traffic on Easter Sunday. They were returning home from an Easter bar-b-que with their dad's family. Whew, am glad I was'n't there. I would have been a mess if I had. My fear is from long ago when watching the news after the 1978 earthquakes in California that pancaked the freeway bridges.