Saturday, April 18, 2009

Remembering Dad

Pictures on the wall in Mom Room at Burk and Rhoda's The top picture is of my family. Below is mom and dad. Under their picture is Burk's children Kristin, Jared, Kourtney, Jordon and Keri. The calendar is of Carrie's Family. Carrie, Marty, Rachel and Rachel.
I believe the frame hanging in the middle was made by grandpa George Josiah Jarvis when he was ill for a time. He was not only a whittler he also wrote poetry, beautiful love poem to his wife Mary Ellen (Lake). I believe the people in the picture are of his brothers and sister. I don't remember their names. The large frame has a collage of mom and dad's children and grand children's pictures.
Dad in Great-Grandpa George (Anne Prior) Jarvis' chair. It is sturdy and comfortable and we all love to sit and rock in it.
Mom and dad are cold in Mike's house at our family reunion in Yuma 2007. Dad had not been feeling well. Both were tired and ready to go home. They were good to stay so long and have fun with us.
Dad in door way of Rod's family room kitchen area. Phoenix, AZ) 2007.
Dad in Great-Grandpa George (Anne Prior) Jarvis' chair. It is sturdy and comfortable and we all love to sit and rock in it. Dad sitting at the table in their home in Yuma, AZ. On the wall is a picture of mom and dad taken about 1979. Dad always loved mom in the color red. Dad was always forever chilled after his first cancer treatment in 1994. He had prostate cancer.After radiation treatments he was always chilly. He had lots if sweater vests. It was one of his favorites to wear. Dad had Salivary gland cancer twice and Lymphoma B-Cell cancer. The treatments were hard on him but he always was cheerful and never let anyone know how much he really was in pain. He endured to the end. Mike recently received the death certificate for dad. It said that passed away from complications of prostate cancer. I miss you and Love You Dad!

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Fatha said...

I remember in the 70's during the ERA Dad became very active against the movement. He went with me to the Arizona State Senate and spoke his feelings opposing the Equal Rights Amendment. I was very proud of him for taking a stand. He was very firm on this. It lit his fire... We lived in St. Johns,AZ at the time and I came to PHX to help oppose this from being ratified. Dad came with me. I will never forget how he stood before the senate and spoke his mind. Fatha