Saturday, April 18, 2009

Josephine (Rothlisberger) Jarvis Funeral pics

Families Are Together Forever.

First picture: Lewis Tenney (Mary Porter) and Gary Lineweaver (Fatha Kay Jarvis).

Second picture: Fred Jarvis, his daughter Sheryl (Jarvis) Pedigo and her family then Tim Jarvis (in fore-ground), Fred's brother (Josephine and Andrew Jarvis son's) .
Third picture: Juanita, Nelda (Newt and Louise (Rothlisberger) Neal's daughters). I'm not sure of the other cousins names.
Fourth picture: Nelda wrapped in the blanket. Tonya (me) the redhead in the background. I am not sure of the others names.
(Please forgive me for not remembering everyones names).
Fifth picture: Bernie, Tonya (me) and Lonnie. Both of them are Donnie and Folvia (Jarvis) Porter son's.

It was nice to visit again with loved ones we do not see often. Funerals always bring us together to remember our loved ones. It is a celebration of passing into eternal life and the hope of see them again.

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